Some thoughts about 2012

Here they are, though they be brief.

  • Rooftops-Mountainsides-Beachfronts-Cube
  • $$$$$-$$$$-$$$-$$
  • Can eat anything I want – Gain weight looking at food
  • Coleman’s favorite hobby is vomiting. He never misses a rug.
  • I witnessed a ridiculous number of trees come down.
  • I started to settle into my family.
  • Moved into a season of curious learning with God, and out of a season of deafening silence.
  • Still think about smoking every day. Wish it was healthy.
  • My life is full of transitions, and my husband is a constant. He is mine and I am his.
  • Sleep isn’t super necessary anymore.

Scariest and most exciting thought in my head right now: Heaven is not a place for people who are scared of hell, it’s a place for people that love God.

I don’t know what this blog is anymore, but I like looking back and remembering, because my time is flying by. Here’s to more updates in 2013.


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