I tried it and I liked it

In an effort to cut costs we’ve been cooking every meal at home. Every. Meal. At. Home. This requires a ridiculous amount of planning, coupon-ing, and talking yourself into cooking, when all you really want is a Hungry Howies pizza and wine on the couch.

It’s been fun, I never really knew I had it in me to cook. I’ve always been super intimidated by cooking meals for people, but with Pintrest I’ve been making huge progress. Having a visual aid takes the unknown out of it for me.

Just this weekend I made these two Pintrest recipes:

Egg Patties for breakfast sandwiches:

And Bacon Chicken Quesadillas with Avacado:

Surprisingly, 3 out of 4 Thompson’s liked the quesadillas. That’s a big win, because usually we get 1 out of 4 liking anything, and, well, the 1 is me.  I had diced up some chicken for chicken alfredo the night before, so I just set a bit aside for these quesadillas the next day. Travis cooks bacon every morning that we have the kids, so I asked him to cook me some extra pieces, so those were on hand as well. Add some cheese and a sliced up avacado and you’re left with a surprisingly easy and really filling lunch that’s a nice break from the ordinary.

The egg sandwich things are awesome. Break an egg into a muffin pan, cook for 15 minutes at 350. Done-zo. You can add ham or spinach or whatevs. We keep some english muffins around that we toast, then put the egg thingy on with a slice of cheese. The hubs verdict was, “Make a dozen next time because I will eat two of those a day.” The egg patties last for a week in the fridge, and if you use non-stick spray in the muffin pans they slide right out. My biggest fear was that they’d break apart coming out of the pan and lose their functionality, but huzzah, they did not.

Weirdest of all, I’m finding some real enjoyment out of cooking for my family. There are a few things the kids ask for repeatedly now (Will wants macaroni and cheese, Liv wants Sesame Chicken or Shrimp), and it’s nice that I can do something small that makes them happy.

You can find me on Pintrest here to see what else I’m cooking lately! If you have any good, easy recipes with a picture, share them!


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