What happened to September?

Can someone, anyone, please tell me where September went?

I feel like I blinked and now it’s October and I’m getting married like…(counts on fingers)…really freaking soon.

And just to slide right into ways to make you nauseous and completely over reading anything here, let me tell you about why I love Travis.

(Here is where I should list things like his eyes, or how smart he is, and how he’s super funny and great with everyone, but instead I’m going to be selfish and list something that has to do with meeeee! I’m an only child!)

It’s because he really really gets me. Which is good, because somewhere in the September days that raced by, I lost my mind. I got stressed, and scared, and mean, and I kind of possibly blew up all over him about everything that was stressing me and making me scared (and did I mention mean?). And he takes it, and he doesn’t run away or lash out at me,  and he tells me I need to eat something and maybe catch some Zzz’s, and it’ll be better soon. Weirder still, he never holds it against me when I freak out on him, and he is absorbing some qualities I seem to have lost along with my mind, like remembering everything and any sort of organization.

In conclusion (this falls woefully short of essay length, but it felt really darn good then writing ‘in conclusion’, like maybe Mrs. Ostman would be proud of me), I feel very secure that he knows who I really am under all of the crazy that happened in September. So unless he gets hit in the head really hard (or just comes to his senses), there’s a good chance that he’ll still know who I am and love me when all the crazy happens in our years to come (and since we are a blended family, and we own our own business and we travel, the local forecast calls for crazy).

Here’s to you, October. My resolutions for you include not stressing out, and drinking some of your delicious beer while eating oysters. Cheers.


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