1. Cursing isn’t bad, just save it for when it matters.
  2. The chances of you marrying that boy you have a crush on in middle school are slim to none- but make sure to giggle about him with your friends anyway.
  3. Braces suck but on your wedding day when you have that perfect smile, you’ll be glad you did it.
  4. Girls who talk about other girls to you will talk to other girls about you. Don’t be that girl.
  5. Try everything. Try band and chorus and basketball and chess club and don’t care about what anyone says. How will you know what you’re good at unless you try?
  6. Being mean isn’t cool. Cool kids are nice kids.
  7. Be competitive and be the smartest kid. THAT’S cool, and it’ll take you farther in life.
  8. Be confident when you dress out for PE in front of all of those girls with bigger/smaller/different bodies. They’re all just as freaked, trust me.
  9. Keep a mirror in your locker.
  10. Tell your mom or dad you love them when they drop you off– you’ll miss this one day.
  11. Go out of your way to help other people. Your dad does this and I see how much it matters every day.

Happy first day of middle school. Go be a thermostat.

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