Living Room Update

Remember back in this post we showed you the couch we scored on the cheap? Well you haven’t seen her in all her glory in the living room yet because, well, the living room looks weird. It’s dark. Like, man-cave dark. We have dark hardwood floors and a dark fireplace and dark bookcases and a dark brown leather couch with dark brown and dark blue blankets on it. We have a gray entertainment center and a dark brown wicker ottoman. Things, while improving in quality, are looking very blah in our house.

But the couch is still awesome, very comfortable, and a huge hit with the kids.

Here’s the Living Room before with our inherited leather sofa and the disgusting covered-in-dog-hair love seat:


Both couches are tan and the area rug (it’s actually 2 small IKEA rugs laid side by side) breaks up the floor.



And here’s the new couch:




Ugh see how dark dark dark everything is? We do have a plan:

Living Room w- To Dos

I’m also not completely sold on the paint color in the living room, and Travis, bless his heart, is totally OK with changing it. Again. I love that man.


So that’s the wacky, yet very comfortable, living room situation. These pictures are also making me notice how gross the fireplace is- I’m thinking I need to clean/paint the inside area or something. It’s a little sooty, no?

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