Wedding List Update

We’ve made a bit of progress on our wedding list. Thank God. Weddings are never quite as easy as you think they’ll be, are they? Lucky for me I have some awesome women (and my man) helping me out! Updates are in blue.

The List

Construct a menu (we’re thinking Chicken and Dumplings [our fave], Gram’s Macaroni and Cheese, Greens, Sweet Potato Casserole, and Cornbread Muffins )Save wine bottles to serve all drinks out of (a la YHL) (drinks are water, sweet tea, un-sweet tea, and sangria)After a meeting with my future MIL, we nailed down the menu, where food is coming from, costs, and who is bringing what. Just figuring all of that out is a huge relief. We also decided to scrap the cupcakes we were going to have for our “wedding cake” and instead bake mini pumpkin and apple pies in mason jars (much more in the theme of the wedding).

Paint the Exterior of the House
– Re-screen the back porch & replace or fix the screen doors
We started on this project and got a few panels completed on the back porch (thanks, Dad!), but this is definitely still a work in progress.
– Add privacy fencing along the front edge of the back yard
After lots of talks about fencing options and what we want for the long haul, we’ve decided to scrap this particular item on the list. Fencing is astronomical these days and our yard is huge and costly to fence (even though we want less than 1/4 of the total yard fenced). This isn’t a necessity for the wedding, so we’re going to watch for deals while planning to skip the fencing.

– Lay a walkway from the back of the house to the Oak Tree
We’re researching the heck out of this. We both love the look of slate stones, particularly in the autumn hue (seen here). Again, this stuff is super expensive and we need roughly 300 square feet to complete the walkway, so we’re still pricing and weighing our options. We thought about buying concrete pavers, laying the path, then staining the concrete a chocolate brown color. We’re still looking, but we’re pretty sure we want to lay out the cash and invest in the walkway (So I don’t walk down to say “I do” in the dirt- although I’m not above that at all).
Plant some trees
– Remove tons (literally, tons) of garbage from previous owners
– Pressure Wash the Shed and the front walkway/driveway
We’re waiting until closer to the big day…
– Pressure Wash the back porch floor
– Order my freaking wedding dress from China (what?)
Yay I ordered it! Finally, and I’m cutting it awfully close here. It’s been 11 business days since I placed the order, and the site says it’ll be (usually) 16-23 business days until I receive the dress. Hopefully that puts it coming in NEXT WEEK!! I’m having nightmares that it won’t fit, but hopefully it’s perfect. If not, well, I’ll drop to the floor and cry.
– Figure out how to DIY my invitations
More on this later, but I totally have this under control. I’ve actually had the design done for a long time, but I recently grabbed the textured paper I wanted from JoAnn’s and some envelopes, so now all I need are stamps. This makes it feel very, very real.
– Schedule lawn maintenance week of wedding
We’re waiting until a bit closer to the date to do this
– Schedule mosquito spray (that I snagged for $25 on Groupon) for week of wedding– ditto
– Order the thumb print guestbook I want from Etsy
My awesome future sister in law found a downloadable print just like the guestbook I wanted from Etsy, but this one is 100% FREE! What a score! I’ve got it downloaded, now I need to find some paper and get it printed out and ready for the wedding. I am UBER happy about this find, thanks Emily 1.0!!
– Get the kids’ outfits bought/in line/ordered/ whatever
Progress! We found Eleven a dress that she adores, and we’re narrowing down shoes. I have to wait until closer to the date to get Five’s clothes since he’s growing like a freaking weed all the time. I swear he grows an inch every time I see him. He can reach all of his dresser drawers now (sniffle).
Buy stringed bulb lights for the reception area (our back porch- it’s huge)
Borrow 8′ tables

– Clean, de-label, and re-label all wine bottles for receptions drinks
I am weirdly intimidated by this project (even though I already purchased a huge bottle of goo-gone). I need to get a move on though, time’s ticking.
– Buy fabric to make a huge table cloth/runner
Done! I went to JoAnn’s and used a coupon and got all of the burlap I wanted to do my runners for $20 woooot.
– Construct huge table cloth/runner
Uhhh…this isn’t done yet.
– DIY Flowers/Candle decorations w/ Mason jars
I have all the materials together to make this stuff, I’m planning on using it for centerpieces and decorations all over the place.
Purchase serving ware/eating ware (?) from IKEA – donate what we don’t keep as a tax write off
– Rent chairs for the reception dinner
Oh crap I meant to do this last week! But I ended up being out of town for work. I did call the rental place and find out that I’ll only have to put a $30 deposit down for the chairs, woooot.
– Purchase bales of hay for guests to sit on for the ceremony (the short, short ceremony)
Um, guys, you won’t believe this, but I found someone to DONATE the hay bales. He’s going to let me borrow them for F-R-E-E. I don’t even know how to thank people like that. I mean, how lame is it to give them a gift card? This person is a total stranger, I saw a sign in his yard for hay bales and I called him. I told him I was having a wedding and I needed about 16-17 bales for the ceremony, and he said, “Honey, you can have them!” Have means borrow, but hey that’s the same thing when it comes to money. He’s saving me over $200, and I’m still totally pinching myself.
– Find someone to officiate
Still pretty lost on this one.
– Find a photographer (stressssssful)
Oh. My. Gosh. Travis found me my soulmate of photographers. Her name is Ellie and she. is. amazing. She’s a fellow FSC graduate and she is so sweet. I feel very very fortunate to have her at the wedding (she’s also doing an engagement shoot for us in September!)

So, that’s a lot of progress, right? I’m feeling better about things, and oddly enough, Travis has been so super helpful. It’s not odd that he’s being helpful, he’s always helpful, it’s just that guys don’t usually do wedding stuff, do they? I don’t really know. I do know that I feel pretty lucky. Pretty, and lucky. haha.

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