The Proverbial Gold Mine

Friends, Neighbors, Countrymen- lend me your ears.

Get some awesome furniture and feed some hungry people at Children’s Care Outreach Furniture Warehouse.


Children’s Care Outreach gets furniture from big name stores like Ashley and Haverty’s, and they sell it for 25% on the retail price. This furniture is usually perfect. If someone orders a piece shipped to the store to pick up later and they never show up for their furniture, this furniture warehouse buys it at a discount rate and sells it for next to NOTHING. And they have everything.


Leather Living Room Sets.


Dining Room Tables (usually they have chairs to match)

Check out this granite kitchen island:


It has two drawers and a wine rack built in and it’s going for $300.00 here people!

They have chairs, and beds, and mattresses:



See this area full of leather couches? They are lined up all the way to the back wall. They have a recliner on each end.


Those leather couches are brand new, undamaged, and selling for $275 each.

And sectionals galore….remember how I hinted about another major purchase in this post?

Now I’m just typing words to make you scroll.





more words.

and empty spaces in between more words.



That sassy chocolate brown sectional came home with us last week (pics to come, we’re still figuring her out)! It’s a 7 piece leather sectional (5 couch pieces and 2 ottomans). Each piece is finished on all sides, so they can be arranged in any combination, perfect for holidays, parties, and family movie nights. This baby retails for $3300.00, and we took her home for 25% of that. Can you do the math?

Yes folks, we paid $825.00 for 7 pieces of leather. That’s just under $120 per piece if you’re a numbers nerd like me. And the best part is the money is going to feed local families.


The guy in the picture above is Tony, and he’s the brains behind this operation, and he’s also one of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time. If you have a certain something in mind that you’re looking for, like a pub table for example, Tony will take down your name, number, and that you’re looking for a pub table and he’ll give you a call when it comes in. So basically if you’re patient you can find exactly what you’re looking for at 1/4 of the cost. Tony doesn’t get to order customs though, his inventory is always a surprise to even him as he gets whatever the stores are selling. Currently they’re feeding around 1,500 families a month with proceeds from the warehouse.

Here’s another picture of the entrance, because it’s in a difficult location (almost impossible to tell someone where it is).


Children’s Care Outreach Furniture Warehouse
Winter Haven, Florida – On Spirit Lake Road (across from Sweet’s Paint- the warehouse is situated behind the 7-11 on Recker Hwy)
Hours (according to signage) Wednesday 9 AM- 3PM, Saturday 9AM-3PM

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