Let’s Dish


For the past few weeks, I’ve been noticing some things about our dishwasher. A plate here or there will come out covered in a white powder. Glasses will have to be run through twice. Forks are still covered in bits of food. You know the little “door” that you open to put your dishwasher detergent in? Ours fell off. We just kept on truckin’, hoping to not see any effects from losing that little “trap door.” Then I ran a load of dishes and noticed that the dishwasher wasn’t even cleaning itself. The entire door was still showing splashes of coffee or tea that happen when you put an almost empty glass into the machine. I knew this dishwasher had bitten the dust.

I told T what I was seeing and we grudgingly started researching dishwashers. We are always about bang for our buck in this house, and we wanted something that would last for the long haul but was also quiet (a huge selling point for us) and performed well.

We did the easiest thing: we typed in “best dishwasher reviews” and we got a ton of hits. We used this site as our guide, although I was already leaning toward Bosch. My parents got one years ago and the story goes like this:

The walked into a Lowes and looked around at the dishwashers, and landed on a Bosch. My parents were standing next to the Bosch talking to the appliance associate and my dad remarked, “I’d like to but the machine, but I really want you to plug it in so I can see how loud it is before we go any further.” The associate said, “Sir, it’s on.” They were sold.

So living at home the last few years I’ve loaded and unloaded, seen results, and heard nothing– the perfect win-win-win scenario (well maybe the loading/unloading wasn’t a win specifically, but it certainly helped someone I’m sure).

So every Bosch I found online was way out of our price range, but they all had magical reviews. So we thought we’d go check the bent-n-dent sections and see what we could find before trolling Craigslist. Travis wanted to go to a store that I was unfamiliar with, Famous Tate, since he’d bought all of his previous appliances from their bent-n-dent section. I reluctantly agreed (I wanted to go to Lowes first). As we drove over we had a conversation we have often:

Emily, “Ok Travis, what’s you’re magic number on a new dishwasher?”
Travis, “I don’t want to spend more than $800.00. How does that sound to you?”
Emily, “Um, I don’t want to spend more than $500.00.”


So we decide to see what we can see when we get there. That’s the beauty of bent-n-dents, you never know what you’re going to get so you have to have a super open mind, and I definitely had no idea what to expect since I’d never been.

I guess that’s probably enough suspense for one post. I should tell you that in a weird twist of fate, Famous Tate had a closeout Bosch model (from 2010) that was on sale for $455.87, and it wasn’t bented or dented one little bit. It was a floor model. And the original price? $799.00. Yes folks, the Great Pumpkin must’ve heard our prayers, because we got our $800 (Trav’s number) dishwasher out the door for $483 with taxes included (under my number!).

Bosch w Pricetag

Can you believe that? What luck we have. We grabbed her up and took her home that very day.

The next day we had a little at home course on dishwasher installation, but honestly we are still recovering from the 11 hours it took us to install this bad boy. So, I’ll leave you with my favorite quotes from today:

(Trav, when asked if he needs some more flux tape) “There’s enough on here to choke a horse.” Might just be me, but I’d never heard that before and I giggled about it for a long long time.

(Trav, deliriously spewing words on the kitchen floor) “When I was a child I used to spend hours doodling plumbing schematics in my room.”

Install coverage comes in Part II of this little saga, but as of now the dishwasher is running it’s first load and we can’t wait to see the results, so far there’s no water leaking under/around the dishwasher so we’re PSYCHED already. That wasn’t the case at several points in our day.

So that’s the dish on one of our latest major purchases…yes, there’s been more than one and here’s a hint: I’m sitting on the second one now.

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