Tossing Your Car-keys

We’re totally installing a new dishwasher today! It was totally not planned! These exclamation points are totally uncalled for!! I hope to throw up a post about the install (that’s throwing us lots of curve balls) tomorrow (we’re being super optimistic about getting it done today), so for now here’s a little ditty about organization.

Get it? Like tossing your cookies? No? Okay.

In our family (and maybe yours), it’s typical to have a “dump station” when you enter the house. You know, the place where your keys, wallet, sunglasses, stuffed animals, notes, spare change, mail, etc. gets dumped. Maybe in your family people make it all the way to their bedrooms before they remove everything from their pockets and hands, but in our house, not so much. In fact our “miscellaneous items” pile always ended up in the most-trafficked area of the house- the bar of the kitchen.

I frequent pintrest and several other home design blogs, so please forgive me because I have no earthly idea where I saw this, but I totally copied it from someone else (props to you mystery person!). I wanted to make a station in our laundry room (our main entrance and exit via the garage) to drop/organize mail, keys, wallets, sunglasses, etc. So I made this little guy:


It’s 3 white porcelain trays on one larger tray, and each little area reads “his,” “hers,” and “yours.” Yours is for guests who happen to walk in and look for a place to drop things, which is mostly just for funsies since we don’t even have a guest room at the moment. The 3 trays are actually small containers for dipping sauce, I snagged them at Bed Bath and Beyond on the cheap. The longer tray that they all live on is from Target. Weird how I couldn’t find one at BB&B, right? Also weird how well they match. Weirdest of all- how I carried the 3 trays into Target hoping to find something they’d all fit on, and when I stumbled on that perfect larger tray in the dish section for $8, I totally did a little victory dance.

The his, hers, and yours labels are actually from the scrap booking section at Target.


These puffy letters have an adhesive back, so I grabbed them up for around a buck and happily stuck them onto my dipping sauce bowls.

See how the S is huge in YourS?


Totally ran out of lower case “s’s”. Bummer. But, definitely not something I was sweating enough to drive back to Target. In fact it’s just symmetrical to the Y and quirky enough for me to love it. I also love how sleek it looks since it’s all white with those perfectly curved corners. So internets, if you ever make it to our house, you know where to drop your keys.

I am making some plans to add more functional storage in the house, maybe a small rack to hang keys, since keys + wallet + sunglasses is just too much for these little trays. There’s also the matter of spare change that finds it’s way out of our pockets and onto the counter, so I’m thinking about tinting a mason jar to drop them all into. Heck, if that system actually worked, I could probably pay for all of the little projects I have going on all the time.

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