Pintrest Challenge- Chalkboard Wall

This video showed up in my Reader, and well, how can you say no to $herdog and KB? (ok, ok, let’s not forget Emily and Lana)

T and I have been talking about having a chalkboard wall somewhere for fun, for us and the kids, and we have a tiny baby wall next to the fridge that’s perfect, so…I’m painting it with, you guessed it! Chalkboard paint. We plan on using it for grocery lists and messages to each other, as well as a creative space for the kiddos. The wall is not seen from anywhere in the house unless you’re in the laundry room or getting something from the fridge, so there wasn’t any worry about it clashing with the rest of the house. We also haven’t done much to spruce up the kitchen as far as paint goes (we’re saving up for one big remodel), so we figured that we can have fun and experiment before we commit to something cohesive.

In case you’re wondering, here’s my kitchen inspiration photo for the big remodel:


Can’t remember where I found this, but yowza, that’s a beaut, right? It’s so clean and cottage-y, fun and funky, it’s adult but still kid friendly, which is what I’m going for. I want our kids to be able to run around and feel right at home, since this is a home, but at the same time I love living in a space that beautiful and interesting.

Anyway, enough mushy stuff, let’s get to the Pintrest challenge.

Here’s my “Pinsperation”:

We had chosen our wall (the baby wall, next to the fridge), and I already had the paint and supplies on hand from another project I’d tried to rev up to do (wine bottles w/ chalkboard labels), but after some research I decided to write on the bottles w/ a marker instead.

But first, I had to prep the wall. We had an IKEA bar hanging there with some hooks to hang hand towels, spatulas, etc., but it ended up never really being used (small, awkward walkway), so it was not a life changing decision to take it down to use somewhere else in the house.


That is the only picture of me you will see for a while, ’cause after T took these pics he was basically done with this project. My big helper.

Here’s the wall once the storage bar and the light switch plate were off. The door to the right is the pantry, and to the left is the laundry room.


That little baby wall is exactly 2 feet wide, for perspective.


I used some spackling to fill in the holes from the IKEA bar and a few other holes from things that had been mounted before we inherited the place. Once that dried (about 30 minutes later), I used a little sanding block to smooth the hole edges and the spackle down.

I was concerned about using the chalkboard paint on a textured wall (our walls are orange peel), but I figured it can’t hurt to try. So once it was sanded and I wiped off the sanding dust with a paper towel (or whatever was easiest, like my hands), I slapped on the first coat.


And it wasn’t that impressive. Actually, I have read on several paint tutorials that doing thin coats is the way to go, and I was super worried about durability with this stuff, so I went light and streaky (just like college!) and figured I’d do 3-4 coats. It’s such a small area that I wasn’t worried about the time it would take to do repeat coats. The first coat only took me about 30 minutes total.


While we’re waiting for that first coat to dry, I’d like to take a moment and let you all know that the kitchen is still on the “projects to tackle” list for us. That floor, the 80’s-tastic cabinets–

Oh hang on a second, Five wants me to measure his arm. Eighteen and a half inches.

We also had a spirited discussion about swapping the sink and the stove placement (when it comes times for the big remodel), but it seems like we’re going to need a pro for that one. The stove is gas and well, we aren’t professionals, and while I am confident about a lot of my abilities, running gas lines is a bit out of my league. There’s also a drop-ceiling in there which is so bananas to me, but we can’t wait to rip it out and learn about ceiling replacement. We also plan to add a pocket door to the laundry room if it’s possible. All in good time people, right now we’re focussing on the baby wall.

About sixteen hours later, I got antsy. The kids were coming over at 3, and I really really wanted the wall to be ready for testing after dinner, so I had to get a move on. So I forged ahead, although the paint can clearly suggests waiting 24 hours between coats.

Take 2.



I took a close up as I was painting the second coat, because I was sooo happy with how it was covering this time around. See how streak-tastic it is at the top of the light switches? Underneath, where my second coat was happening, the coverage is nice and solid, so I was feeling good that maybe 2 coats would get ‘er done.


Here’s baby wall with the second coat drying. It’s gorgeous, inky, and the coverage is super thorough.


Here’s our disaster of a refrigerator. That’s not really true, I mean, I know I’m supposed to say that it looks like we live here and it’s charmingly messy, but the reality is I kind of really want to rip everything off of it and have a clean slate. Just for a day. Just for 5 minutes. The 2 foot wall is directly across from the fridge. I took this picture so you can see how this wall is completely unnoticeable unless you’re coming in the laundry room, and actually my mother-in-law walked right by it and didn’t notice it. Twice.

Well, I guess I shouldn’t leave you in suspense much longer. After dinner we decided the wall was dry and we were over the waiting thing, so…


Today’s Special: Love & Tacos. That pretty much sums up our house, I’d say. Notice the light switch cover wasn’t back on yet, that’s how big of a hurry we were in :)


Me, Eleven, and Five are tripping over each other to get to this wall.




We had some AWESOME chalk to use- I think it was supposed to be sidewalk chalk, but we busted it out for this little project. SO fun.

Then we all traced our hands.


See the japanese writing in pink? Eleven is teaching herself Japanese, and that’s her name. I am often without words when I try to describe her. She is really something.


Here’s the whole family: Five is the top left, T is underneath him in yellow, I’m top right in green, and Eleven is in pink.

I am so in love with how this turned out, and I’m even more stoked about the kids being so into it. They are both asking for “chalkboards” in their rooms now, so this is quickly spiraling out of control. :)

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4 responses to “Pintrest Challenge- Chalkboard Wall

  1. What a great place for it. I wouldn’t have been able to deal with the towel/utensil bar there. Chalkboard is so much better!

  2. Kaley

    Hi! Just stumbled across your blog while looking through some pinterest challenge posts from YHL and Bower Power! Love that chalkboard wall! It turned out great! But the real reason I am posting is because I immediately recognized your kitchen inspiration pic…its from, and her whole house is filled with that same awesome cottage-y feel!! I believe she has more kitchen pics in her house tour on her blog if you’d ever like some more angles…also, she has lots of tutorials (even one for that awesome pot rack!). Enjoy your reno!

    • AH Thank you so much for telling me! I felt like a total dweeb since I couldn’t credit that work :) Also thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, nice to know I’m not talking to outer space around here haha.

  3. I’ve been “planning” to do a chalkboard wall under the windows in our kitchen so my little ones can sit and draw while I cook. I’ve probably been talking about it for a year. I think your post just pushed me over the edge to finally just do it. THANK YOU!


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