If all the hall drips were lemon drips and gum drips.

Last week we did some repair work and fixed our hallway. Here’s what it looked like before:


And here’s the after:


So one time, T and I got home from a business trip around 2 AM. That happens from time to time. We were unloading luggage and walking through the house, and as I stepped into the hallway, I felt a drip on my arm.

Now I’m about to tell you something that’s a little crazy, so just…don’t judge me. I work in the woods ALL OF THE TIME from time to time, and EVERY TIME I GO OUT IN THE WOODS from time to time, I get a bug (such as a tick, or a spider, or an entire infestation of spiders, or maybe some bird poop) on me, and you know that feeling, right? Where there’s maybe something crawling on your arm, and even if there wasn’t you are screwed until your brain lets that thought go, because OMG, the BUGS ARE ON ME.

So taking all of that into consideration, I’m used to feeling “phantom” bugs on my arms or legs or what have you. ‘Cause my brain doesn’t specifically ever let the thought (the maybe there’s a bug on me thought) go.

So as I’m stepping into the hallway, I think maybe I felt a drip, but my first thought is to talk myself out of it, because maybe it’s a phantom drip. Also it’s 2 AM and maybe I’m crazy (or I must be lonely, if I’m Rob Thomas).

As I continue loading and unloading and walking, I felt another drip. And this one wasn’t a phantom because it hit right in the part of my hair. Then, I turned the lights on and looked up, and saw this.


Actually that’s not what I saw, that picture is after we’d already peeled off the paint that was falling off of the walls, and pulled the popcorn that was hanging down into the hallway off the ceiling. Now I don’t really know how we missed all of that as we walked up and down the hallway a thousand times, but we did.

We discerned, not so quickly, that the pan (some kind of pan, but apparently not like a cooking pan) for the A/C had leaked. And leaked, and leaked.
It also leaked into the master bedroom.  



Don’t worry, we got the air conditioner fixed. I don’t remember how much it cost, I must’ve blocked it out.

So, we had to patch all of this up, obviously. We waited to do it. We waited months. Because it happened right after we’d painted the master bedroom and hallway and gotten it into that phase of “we’re not sure we’re leaving it here but we don’t know exactly what our end product is going to be.” So then we consulted our best buddy, Luke, and he told us what to do.

First up, Kilz, a stain’s worst enemy. We decided to go with the spray on stuff, because then I didn’t have to clean a paint brush. Sometimes DIY is all about convenience.


We followed the directions on the can and sprayed over the stains.



This was a vast improvement already, as you can see.


I would just like to point out, that I totally have my game face on in this picture. I mean, I am fierce in my lime green shirt. Actually, it’s Eleven’s shirt. I stole it.  


Here’s the hall, post-kilz. When T says Kilz, he says Kiltz, with a t, and it makes me think we are going to tape plaid skirts up to cover the stains.


Once the Kilz was dry, we had to re-texture the walls and ceiling before we could paint. Enter the plastic sheets.


Nope, they aren’t just for bed-wetters.


And they are the best decision we ever made, because people, popcorn ceiling texture goes ev. ry. where.


Re-applying texture is pretty easy peasy. Just buy the stuff at a local hardware store and follow directions. We needed popcorn/acoustic texture on the ceilings (we mixed the two textures b/c we weren’t sure what we needed) and orange peel texture for the walls. Once it was cured (it only takes about an hour to dry), we were able to use leftover paint and re-paint the walls.

Here’s what we ended up with:


We still haven’t actually painted the white over the ceiling in the hallway, hence the discoloration you see. But the stains are gone, and that is c’est magnifique, non?



Much better, but we did learn some lessons.

Lesson 1: Popcorn ceilings take popcorn texture, not acoustic texture. Don’t play with this. Also 1, $15 can of popcorn texture covers maybe on a good day 2 sq. feet of ceiling. Yikers. You can see the difference if you look in the after pics, but when you’re just walking down the hallway without a camera flash, you really can’t tell.

Lesson 2: When we repainted the blue in the Master bedroom, you can definitely see where the Kilz was under it. It only shows in the right light, but it looks pretty funky. We are re-painting a different color in there though, so we aren’t sweating it. Just happy that the giant stains are gone.

So there you have it. The stains are gone and there aren’t any kiltz taped to the walls, so everyone is pretty happy.

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