The Wedding Lister

I was able to finish up TWO WHOLE PROJECTS last week/this weekend, and I really really want to add them to my little “blogary” (that’s a blog-diary, in case you’re wondering), but I my post-paint moments of bliss I totally didn’t take any after pictures (boo hiss, boo hiss).

THAT will be taken care of at my earliest convenience, but right now I wanted to get some stuff out of my head and in writing, and most of that stuff is about the WEDDING (aka, the Fall Event). We call it the Fall Event because way before T and I got engaged, we had talked about getting married in the fall (behind our house in the giant back yard with a pond, gazebo, and gorgeous oak trees), and then his mom’s spidey sense started tingling. She actually said to him one day, “You know, your back yard is the perfect place for a wedding.” Which is really freaky, ’cause that’s exactly what we thought, too.

So then (stay with me here), he knew that she knew, and I knew that he knew, and I knew that she knew, but she wasn’t sure if I knew, so we all just sort of skirted the issue by saying things like, “Oohhh, this would be perfect for a Fall Event, wouldn’t they?” We had a lot the Fall Event planned before the engagement event happened. So yes, the Fall Event is a wedding, but around our family it’s the Fall Event.

Much of our Fall Event inspiration comes from Young House Love (who am I kidding, most of my inspiration in general comes from Sherry and Katie Bower, and I legit had a dream last night that I flew in to visit John and Sherry, but Sherry wasn’t ready for me at her house, so I was hanging out in the airport (weird) with John and Clara (who he wouldn’t let me hold), and the dream ended with me in my Grandparent’s old house shooting down an intruder…awk-ward.) Anyway, if you go see the Petersik wedding links, I am trying to do much of the same thing, without doing exactly the same thing, if you know what I mean. They are frugal and creative and had a downright gorgeous wedding, without breaking the bank.

But having a wedding at your house means lots and lots and lots of prep, so let us take a look at the list.

The List

Paint the Exterior of the House
– Re-screen the back porch & replace or fix the screen doors
– Add privacy fencing along the front edge of the back yard
– Lay a walkway from the back of the house to the Oak Tree
Plant some trees
Remove tons (literally, tons) of garbage from previous owners
– Pressure Wash the Shed and the front walkway/driveway
– Pressure Wash the back porch floor   
– Order my freaking wedding dress from China (what?)
– Figure out how to DIY my invitations  
– Schedule lawn maintenance week of wedding
– Schedule mosquito spray (that I snagged for $25 on Groupon) for week of wedding
– Order the thumb print guestbook I want from Etsy
– Get the kids’ outfits bought/in line/ordered/ whatever
Buy stringed bulb lights for the reception area (our back porch- it’s huge)
Borrow 8′ tables

Construct a menu (we’re thinking Chicken and Dumplings [our fave], Gram’s Macaroni and Cheese, Greens, Sweet Potato Casserole, and Cornbread Muffins )
Save wine bottles to serve all drinks out of (a la YHL) (drinks are water, sweet tea, un-sweet tea, and sangria)
– Clean, de-label, and re-label all wine bottles for receptions drinks
– Buy fabric to make a huge table cloth/runner
– Construct huge table cloth/runner
– DIY Flowers/Candle decorations w/ Mason jars
Purchase serving ware/eating ware (?) from IKEA – donate what we don’t keep as a tax write off
– Rent chairs for the reception dinner
– Purchase bales of hay for guests to sit on for the ceremony (the short, short ceremony)
– Find someone to officiate
– Find a photographer (stressssssful)

Phew. It feels better-ish to get some of that stuff out of my brain and into list format. I hope to add some links into my list as I post about projects we’ve already taken on and things we’re doing now. All this as we run our own business, and look for new work. I. Will. Not. Stress. (anymore. I’m stopping right now. Ok, now.)

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