Kickin’ Back

Our neighbor is Miss Lyn, or if you’re Five and you haven’t quite mastered your L’s yet, Miss Wyn. We usually end up calling her Miss Wyn, because it’s adorable and because she is a good sport. She is also generous, because she gives us free reign to use her beautiful screened-in pool anytime we feel the need, which is often lately. It is HOT in Florida this summer. (when is it not hot in Florida in the summer?) Miss Wyn has this awesome chair on her pool patio, and I’m slightly ashamed to admit that I have just as much fun sitting in this chair as I do swimming. Maybe more. Because this is not just any old patio furniture chair (you know those plastic ones that you lean back in and the legs buckle?). No, no friends. Not this chair. This, is an anti-gravity chair.


These chairs are so comfortable. When you sit you can kick your feet up and they let you relax in total comfort, almost as if (you might have guessed) there’s no gravity bearing down on you. So any chance we get to head to the pool, I’ll play with Eleven and Five for a while, then “take a break for a minute” and sit in this chair while I dry off– and usually once I’m in it I can’t. get. out. It is seriously so comfortable I could fall asleep next to a pool full of children screaming about opening up a spaghetti shop (specializing in pool noodles, of course).

Tonight Miss Lyn came down and gave us our first official wedding present. It was in a giant Kohls box, and I knew her magic chair was from Big Lots so I was totally thrown off as to what it was, but then we opened it and the slow motion started, and the pretty music, and lo and behold: it was a gorgeous Sonoma Antigravity chair.


It is so super comfortable. How sweet is it that Miss Lyn got us this chair? And she thoughtfully gave it to us early so we could enjoy it all summer. We hung out for a few hours and caught up, but as soon as everyone left, Travis and I jumped on to see if we could order a matching one so we could sit on our back porch together.

Lucky for us, these chairs are on sale for more than 50% off of the original price. I took a few seconds to google a coupon code for Kohls and sure enough I was able to take an extra 15% off, bringing my cost down to $42.49 for the extra chair (that’s even $7 cheaper than Big Lots). Even with shipping and tax, I paid less than the sale price for the chair. SCORE.


Gotta find joy where you can in this world, and mine is definitely found in a few moments on the back porch, kickin’ back and listening to the sounds around me. Sometimes you hear kids, sometimes you hear the neighbor’s music blasting while he’s gardening. Sometimes it’s super quiet and all you hear is the wind through the trees. It’s definitely one of those things that feeds my soul. Now I can do it with my favorite chair and my favorite guy, can’t ask for much more.

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