This is not my first blog…or my second. Or my third.

This is, in fact, my fifth blog (every time I say fifth in real life I feel like I’m trying to get peanut butter off of the roof of my mouth…fi-f-tttthhh), but only the second that has been available for public consumption.  Trust me, the middle 3 were crap, so you’re better off never having read them (you’re welcome!).

You know how there are some things you just love to do, and they rejuvenate you to an almost comical degree? My future mother-in-law is a people person, and being around people and talking to them gives her energy. My fiance’ is a book person, and he gets energy from alone time with a nice (or mean, or scary, or leadership-y) book.

I am a task person. I love getting things done, making things better, or creating things. Like last week, I organized a garage and my very soul is just bursting from it. Weird, I know. It’s ok though, ’cause everyone has a thing that makes their soul burst. And we’re all different and that’s what makes God’s soul burst, so, rock on universe. I also spray painted some dresser handles…and I loved that so much that then I spray painted some lamps, and an ottoman, and then the dog walked by and, well, (kidding-sort of).

In the spirit of my soul (ha) this blog is called Autumn Fallin’, because there is nothing, nothing I say, that affects my soul like autumn. The leaves, the smell, the holidays.  I’ve even planned my wedding for Autumn, and, yes, I’ve got a plan B in case my soul straight up explodes all over my lacy dress from the convergence of all-things-wonderful to me.

Thanks for reading this far, and hopefully your soul at least gave a little grin.  If you found yourself nodding your head at any point, welcome kindred spirits! I hope you stick around and we can learn more about each other.

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